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3 Ways Inbound Marketing Can Increase Your Software Sales Pipeline

27-Feb-2017 12:17:25 / by Jessica Jeffries

If you are within the B2B software industry, you know that the technology field is constantly evolving. That’s why it is important to stay up to date with current trends, news and incites, as it can boost your business’ visibility and spread the word about your contemporary software or services. In such a fast-moving and competitive market place, being left behind is the last thing you want.

It is no surprise to hear then that technology marketing is also endlessly changing. Traditional marketing strategies have moved aside as inbound practices have taken the online world by storm. To learn more about the inbound marketing basics, follow the link for the 21 Inbound Marketing terms everyone should know. 

Within this article, we’ve compiled 3 of the most important inbound marketing best practices for B2B technology business’, to attract potential customers, achieve brand awareness, and most importantly, increase your software sales pipeline.


Educate Your Audience 

Just as the technology industry have evolved, so have their buyers. The vast amount of technology available has meant that anymore can search the web and learn a lot more about a product before purchase. To make sure that your product is at the top of that list, be on hand to educate prospects with a well-stocked library of content. A wide variety of relevant content such as regular blog posts, visual content, and e-books will draw in inbound traffic. This allows you to build relationships with potential prospects, so that you can nurture them easily through the sales funnel to purchase.


Increase Your Online Activity

What is a well-stocked library of content worth if no one can see it? Make sure that your voice and content is well heard through a strategic social media presence. Rather than simply promoting your business, use social media to draw in traffic through a regular output of educational content that offers solutions to your prospects pain points. Social media means that you can engage with your customers and ultimately build trust within your brand through insightful information and on hand customer support.  

Your websites SEO can also significantly boost your online authority. Make sure to build inbound links within your blogs, use keywords you want to rank for, and of course have a good amount of written content to make sure your company is easily discoverable.


Be Proud and Unique 

With the vast amount of information, content and available software online, it helps to be that little bit different to distinguish yourself from competitors. Always maintain a strong brand identity throughout your inbound campaign, whether that be your website, social media, blog or any engagement with potential prospects. This will ensure that you are easily recognisable and stay in the mind of prospects when they are looking for technology to meet their needs. By providing excellent customer service throughout, consumers will enjoy their experience with you and are likely to recommend you the next chance they get.


What's Next?

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