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6 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for B2B Technology Companies

14-Feb-2017 09:39:12 / by Jessica Jeffries posted in Inbound Marketing

In the UK alone, 55% of B2B buyers say they search for product or vendor information on social media prior to purchasing (Meltwater). With that in mind, social media marketing has become an increasingly essential aspect of any company’s B2B marketing strategy. To stand out in an already crowded environment, it is critical for any respectable technology company to utilise social media as a profitable resource in a beneficial way to get their message out to the world.   

Here are 6 reasons why social media marketing is vital for any B2B technology company


  1. Reach Your Tech-Driven Audience

It is no surprise that the techiest amongst us use social media more than anyone else. People who work in the technology sector tend to experiment and utilise any digital tool within their grasp. Whether it is the latest console, smartphone, VR headset or newest gadget on the market, it will be used to access social media regularly to catch up on the latest news and inform themselves on their next B2B technology purchase. (To my knowledge VR Facebook is not reality, unless you count Oculus Connect, but give it a few years and I wouldn’t be surprised!)

A good social media strategy will place your presence within their path, to assist and influence their decisions when needed. If you need more help to target your desired audience – our latest blog on B2B tech buyer personas will show you the tips and tricks to generating growth.


  1. Product Integration

The bonus of being a technology company means that you may be able to integrate social media into any product or service you create – whether you are selling mobile apps, an intranet, or other software. This is a great way to optimise your products and services for the digital age.


  1. Demonstrate Your Technology Industry Knowledge

Any reputable technology company must show that they are tech savvy. It just doesn’t make sense to purchase hardware or software from a company that just doesn’t know their industry. If your prospects don’t see a quality presence on social media, or even one at all, it could seriously reflect badly on your business. All the tech giants of today have a strong social media authority, securing their brand and ensuring the trust of their customers. So, if you’re not employing it as a key resource, you’ll be behind the pack!

However, just be wary not to seem too technical. Speak too much in ‘hard-core tech speak’ and you may confuse or alienate those prospects who may know less. Always communicate your message in an educational and simple dialect rather than striving to sound as technically knowledgeable as possible. 


  1. Fast and Effective Customer Service

The great thing about social media is its immediacy. Twitter in particular, is a platform where customers can follow your account, stay up to date on company news, and most importantly, quickly and efficiently contact you if any queries or issues arise. This means that your loyal audience feels safe in the hands of your company from the comfort of their keyboard or mobile.


  1. Return on Investment

The beauty of social media networking for B2B technology marketing is the direct access to millions of potential prospects for a relatively low investment. If you decide to invest and streamline the process further, HubSpot offer simple and effective marketing tools to manage and build your campaigns. Either way, social marketing requires minimal expense and is easy to adopt.


  1. Become a Technology Industry Thought Leader

Even though the main purpose of your social campaigns is to promote your business and generate interest, not all your tweets should be outright promotions. You should use your social present to comment on industry news, developments in technology, any events in your calendar or any relevant information you think your followers may be interested in. By establishing yourself as an industry thought leader, the increased authority will make your brand appear more knowledgeable and trust worthy. Therefore, customers will be more likely to choose your business when making any purchasing decisions.


Get Out There!

A well thought out and proactive social strategy is proven to yield a wealth of benefits – increased trust and reliability for your B2B company at the forefront of those. Just get started, test the waters and see where it can take you!

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