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Come meet us at Digital Innovation Show 2017!

21-Mar-2017 09:55:27 / by Jessica Jeffries

We're excited to announce that we be exhibiting at the Digital Innovation Show on Tuesday the 4th of April 2017! 

With the South of England quickly becoming the fastest growing digital economy in the UK, there will not be a better opportunity to discuss the latest digital trends, tools and tech that have fuelled this growth. The Digital Innovation show aims to connect local businesses from across the south to support one another as we continue to grow and thrive as a region. Resourceful Marketing is excited to join 34 other innovative digital exhibitors and 4 influential speakers on the Digital Innovation floor.

Resourceful Marketing are a Winchester marketing company (so not too far to travel to St Mary's stadium in Southampton where Digital Innovation is hosted!) that specialises in the art of inbound marketing. We offer high growth marketing exclusively in the B2B space, and are experts in the tech and professional sectors.

We understand that the digital landscape has completely changed the way prospects think and that traditional marketing has become somewhat broken. Buyers are now taking control and tuning out to previous impersonal tactics.

In comparison, inbound marketing has the advantage of originating in the mind of the customer. Once they realise they need something, they are likely to investigate their problem, research ways to resolve it, before finally buying what will become their solution. Rather than searching for prospects, inbound marketing turns your website into a magnet and pulls people towards your company by aligning you content with their interests.

HubSpot Methodology.pngAs HubSpot certified partners, we fully utilise the inbound methodology by offering full service inbound consultancy. We aim to help grow your company to twice its size and still have prospects feeling like they are connecting with a real human being. We throughly enjoy becoming a key part of our clients' teams and developing targeted programmes, with the latest inbound techniques, to generate leads, grow revenue and help them understand the new way customers buy.

So, don't forget to come see us on Tuesday the 4th of April! Resourceful Marketing will be offering a limited number of 30 minute one-on-one inbound strategy sessions to explore how inbound marketing can revolutionise your business. To not miss out, call us on 01962 866 212 or fill out our specialised form to claim one now.

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