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Increase Your Lead Generation and ROI at Our Inbound Marketing Seminar

26-Jan-2018 10:01:39 / by Greg Henley

We're running a presentation and Q&A session on how to increase your lead generation and ROI with inbound marketing and inbound sales processes. This takes place on Wednesday 21st February, from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. at the Winchester Business Centre.

During the presentation, we'll demonstrate several inbound techniques that you can use immediately. We'll also discuss these in relation to HubSpot, who have an all-in-one software platform which 34,000 customers use to carry out blogging, social media, search engine, CRM, sales and email tasks.


44% of direct mail is never opened. 200 million numbers are on the ‘do not call’ list. 86% of people skip TV adverts. Traditional marketing methods are becoming less effective and more costly.

Inbound creates 54% more leads than traditional marketing and costs 61% less. It draws people to your brand with educational, solution-driven content, using blogging, social media and search engines. And it works. Did you know:

  • 87% of buyers say online content has an impact on their brand preference
  • 57% of companies have gained a customer through blogging
  • 65% of companies have gained a customer from social media

We can show you how to turbocharge your company’s ROI with inbound best practices, and how to adapt to this smarter way of marketing and sales.

So join us on Wednesday 21 February at the Winchester Business Centre. And join HubSpot’s 34,000 customers and leave traditional marketing in the dust.

You can register for our inbound seminar today by clicking here.