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The Biggest HubSpot News from Inbound 2017

29-Sep-2017 16:46:15 / by Greg Henley

We’ve just returned from Inbound 2017, which took place in Boston, Massachusetts. There was a lot of exciting HubSpot news covering upcoming product launches and new features coming to existing products. Here’s a summary.

There’s A New HubSpot Sales Professional

There’s a new version of HubSpot Sales Professional coming. With it, you can:

  • Organise every detail of your prospects and customers using robust automation and management tools.
  • Save your sales staff time by helping them to work smarter with productivity tools. These include meetings, templates, sequences and inbox integration.
  • Harness machine learning to bring the best leads to sales team with predictive lead scoring.

You can buy it now before the prices rise on the 1st of November.


Conversations Are Coming to HubSpot CRM Free

Conversations is a shared inbox that helps you and your team have better one-on-one chats with customers. You can use it to:

  • Store messages from your prospects and customers, in a single place. You can easily view, manage and reply to messages.
  • Pull in conversations from every messaging channel and bring any team member into a messaging thread.
  • Be better connected to the rest of HubSpot CRM Free, and get better context on all your contacts.
  • Use automation and bots to manage conversations at scale and route incoming messages.

If you’ve already got HubSpot CRM Free, you’ll automatically get Conversations once it’s released.

Available from: TBC 2018


HubSpot Has Acquired Motion AI

Motion AI is one of the leading chatbot builders. It lets you create a chatbotyou’re your website using SMS, Facebook Messenger, Slack and more, without needing programming skills. With HubSpot acquiring Motion AI, you’ll be able to engage, convert, close and delight customers across all channels.


Say Hello to the Customer Hub

The Customer Hub enables the inbound way of doing customer service. You’ll be able to make customers happier and keep them for longer.

It’s built on top of Conversations, so you can easily turn a chat into a manageable case. You’ll be helping your customers quickly and efficiently, using knowledge centre tools.

Available from: TBC 2018


New Tools for HubSpot Marketing

There are new tools comings to HubSpot Marketing to help you attract and engage more of the right people. These include:

  • Content Strategy. A newer approach to content and SEO that will help you get more traffic with less content.
  • Campaign Reporting. A reporting engine that will help you tie the broadest marketing campaigns to traffic, leads and revenue.
  • Facebook Ads. Using HubSpot’s granular segmentation tools to target ads on Facebook, you can convert more people with new formats like Facebook lead ads.
  • Instagram for HubSpot. You can get mobile reminders to publish content on Instagram. This is currently in beta.
  • Native Shopify Integration. Synchronise product and sales data to HubSpot, so it can benefit from analytics and workflow email. This is currently in beta.


HubSpot and You

If you want to learn more about these upcoming changes to HubSpot and how they’ll benefit your inbound marketing strategy, get in touch with us.

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