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We are HubSpot Silver Partners - Woohoo!!

05-May-2017 17:50:32 / by Beverley Russell posted in HubSpot Certified Partner

Just over a year ago, we started our HubSpot journey. As an outsourced marketing agency we wanted to bring enterprise grade marketing within the reach of our clients. With HubSpot, we have done exactly that!

At Resourceful Marketing, we provide an outsourced marketing service for a range of clients in the B2B sector - from Digital Transformation consultancies through to SaaS companies in the life sciences sector. The commonality across all our clients is that they need a marketing infrastructure that delivers quality leads FAST.

HubSpot does exactly that - it is a one stop marketing powerhouse - it combines best-in-class SEO, email, blogging, marketing automation tools into 1 neat platform with enterprise grade reporting.

It really does then empower everyone in the company to be marketers - from the CEO checking and feeding into the SEO portal, through to the technical team creating blogs. At Resourceful Marketing, our role is to train, empower and support the different team members within a company to become marketers. We also enjoy sharing the success - like an incredible inbound lead or a healthy flow of traffic to the website.

We also LOVE the affordability of HubSpot - forget expensive SEO retainers - a basic package starts from £165 per month- You can get full automation from £655. We didn't rush into our HubSpot journey but really had a good look at the competitors plus wanted to really make sure it delivered - it does.

My final thought is that HubSpot really does make us and our clients into 1 team - we can collaborate and co-create through our shared portal. If you need a growth driver and some marketing help for your business, please get in touch for a free strategy session and we can inject some HubSpot magic into your business!!

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